What’s the story?

I finally snapped. One too many blue screens, one too many system restores.

Windows 7 Professional just didn’t cut it.

My PC was new and pretty powerful: AMD Athlon II X4 with 4 Gig of RAM and a 1 Terabyte hard disk and a whoop-ass graphics card. So why was Windows having such a hard time with it?

Prior to this I’d been running a several-years-long experiment. I’d wanted to know if I could do everything I needed to do on my computer using open source or free software.

It became clear that I could. Easily and elegantly.

Firefox, Thunderbird, Filezilla, Kompozer, OpenOffice.org and a bunch of other applications got me through my work load.

Way back – and I mean years ago – I used to have Red Hat Linux, so I was aware of Gnu/Linux and had played around with it in the past. More recently I had run Ubuntu in differing vintages in virtual machines, just out of curiosity, just wanting to keep tabs on what was happening in that Other World.

And then came the day when I snapped. To Hell with it, I thought. All the applications I use are cross-platform, so why not just migrate to Ubuntu and lose all the heart-ache?

And so here we are – in that Other World.

This is a record of my wanderings.


2 thoughts on “What’s the story?”

  1. Same situation- I snapped.
    Ive flirted with the penguin for around a decade but was enslaved to Redmond software
    (–)buntu on all my machines now except the satnav updater/Poi editor which I see you have encountered the same issues too!!

    Full fat ubuntu makes my older kit creak and groan so I prefer Xbuntu.
    Midrange machines have Mint.
    I love the polished feel of these distro’s but none will work well on my low resource 32 bit machines.I dislike the ultra lightwight efforts-they look and feel like a bag of junk,so Win Xp remains in the background.

    Nice Blog!

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