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The luckyBackup Command Options

One of the best things about open source software is the support. Most packages have active and enthusiastic communities and support forums. I had a couple of questions about luckyBackup.

One question was whether I could disable the function within luckyBackup that deletes files from the destination if they are no longer in the source. If you want to keep the source and the destination synchronised this is great, but it wasn’t what I wanted. If I accidentally deleted a file from the source and then made a backup without noticing, the same file would be deleted from the destination.

The second question was to do with a folder I have that contains video files. This was getting backed up each time I ran the backup task, even when no files had changed. Because the video files are large, it took a long time to complete the backup task so i didn’t want it to run unnecessarily.

I attempted to get answers to my questions by joining the luckyBackup Help Forum on SourceForge but for some reason it was playing up that day. I couldn’t get it to accept any of the user names I tried to register with. So, no immediate help coming from that direction.

However, back on the luckyBackup web site the author of the software had been so kind as to leave his email address and he encouraged people to contact him. His name is Loukas Avgeriou. I dropped him an email. Within a few hours he had replied and answered my two questions. Try doing that with commercial software companies!

As it turned out the remedies were embarrassingly simple. If I’d read the manual a little more closely I’d have probably found the answers myself. If I’d done that though I wouldn’t have a reason to typing this post and letting you know just how inordinately cool guys like Loukas Avgeriou are. To develop something like luckyBackup is a major undertaking. I know, I’m a developer by trade. To do it for free and then happily provide support is quite amazing. Kudos to everyone who contributes to any of the many open source projects.

The solution to my issues with luckyBackup were as follows. To stop luckyBackup deleting files from the destination that are no longer in the source, highlight the task in luckyBackup and then click the Modify button. Click the Advanced button and select the Command Options tab. Uncheck the Delete files on destination check box. Yes, it was that simple.

luckyBackup Command Options
luckyBackup Command Options

The issue about the files being sent to the destination even when they hadn’t changed was due to the fact that the destination drive in my case was formatted in a Windows format. The Windows file system cannot handle all of the attributes that Linux can. There is also a difference in the way timestamps are set and checked. To cope with this, luckyBackup has an option so that you can let it know that you are targeting a a Windows formatted destination. luckyBackup will then use a slightly different method of determining which files need to be backed up.

To set the option you need to highlight the task and click the Modify button. Click the Advanced button and select the Command Options tab. Make sure the the Destination is FAT/NTFS option is checked.

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Au Update is Available for Your Computer

This made me laugh. It’s from stickycartoons.com.

An Update Is Available for your Computer

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