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Nautilus Showing Hidden Files By Default

Out of nowhere, each time I opened Nautilus it was showing hidden files by default.

If I used Ctrl-H to hide them they went away. But next time I opened Nautilus, they were back. This was a global issue, not something goofy with a single folder. So the issue seemed to reside with Nautilus itself.

I found a way to correct it by using the dconf-editor application. Open dconf-editor (you may need to install it first, it isn’t a default part of Ubuntu 16.04) and navigate to org, gtk, file-chooser and then uncheck the show-hidden checkbox.


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Open a Terminal Window from Nautilus Menus

Because I like to do a lot of things by the command line, I often need to open a terminal window, which is nice and fast using the keyboard shortcut:


That opens the terminal window with the current working directory set to my Home folder. Usually this is fine, if you’re going to be doing something that doesn’t care what your current folder is, like running top. but if you want to do something quickly at the CLI in the folder that you have just browsed to in Nautilus, you have to manually CD to that folder in the terminal window before you can start to work there.

What would be really nice would be the ability to right-click on a folder (or on the background of the file window) in Nautilus and to be able to select an ‘Open a Terminal Window Here’ option from the context menu.

This shows you how to do just that. First of all, open a terminal window with Ctrl+Alt+T, and type the following:

sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

Once that has finished installing, close all Nautilus windows and then force a reset of Nautilus:

nautilus -q

Now ehen you right-click on a folder or in the background of the file window, you’ll see a context menu with an entry that says ‘Open in Terminal’. Selecting that option will open a terminal window with the current working directory set to the location you clicked on. Perfect.

Note that the context menus are slightly different depending where in Nautilus you clicked.

Folder Context Menu
Folder Context Menu
File Window Background Menu
File Window Background Menu
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Show Hidden Files in Nautilus

The default file browser in Ubuntu is Nautilus.

Any file or folder that has a full stop (‘period’ to our trans-Atlantic cousins) as the first character of its name is considered to be a hidden or system file or folder and they do not show up in Nautilus.

To make hidden files and folders appear in Nautilus, type Ctrl+H

To make Nautilus ignore them again, type Ctrl+H once more.

Normal Folder View
The usual view of files and folders
View with Ctrl+H
Ctrl+H reveals Hidden Files and Folders
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