Month: May 2014

Saucy, a US keyboard and the £ sign

Well, time´s gone by, and I did eventually get my desktop up onto Raring. For the most part it has been stable and well-behaved, and a good daily driver. Of course, along came Saucy. I tried that on my desktop and had issues with the App Centre (of all things) so I had to roll back.

On the other hand Saucy has taken to my laptop without any issues what so ever, and I would even go as far to say it is the best Ubuntu experience I´ve had yet. It is fast and responsive, looks good and works perfectly with the hardware of my laptop. It´s an Intel Core i7, Nvidia GeForce 610M-powered ASUS. And it flies.

There is one peculiarity with it, it has an American keyboard and I want to get UK characters out of it, such as the UK pound sign £. You can do this by setting the keyboard to English (US, Alternative International).

I can then type a £ by holding the menu key (alongside the right Alt key) and pressing the = key, releasing both and then quickly pressing the l key. Bit of a faff, but it works.

I´m going to give it a few more weeks and then try Saucy on my desktop again.