Month: February 2013

Find Out the Version of Ubuntu

Here’s a fast way to find out the version of Ubuntu.

Open a Terminal window (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+T), and then enter the following command:

lsb_release -a

And you’ll see some output like this:

Example output of the command,.
Example output of finding the Ubuntu version

Installing KompoZer in Quantal Quetzal

It was only recently that I upgraded my desktop PC to Quental (12.10). I had upgraded my laptop and that ran well, but my desktop had issues Precise (with 12.04) and so I was wary about taking my desktop up to Quental. My thinking was that I would give Quental time to stabilise and get a few patches out, and then I’d upgrade. That’s what I did and I’m pleased to say my desktop likes Quental (and vice versa) so once again my two machines are running on the latest and greatest Ubuntu, and with no apparent issues.

So that was good, but I was dismayed that a few of my favourite applications were no longer included in the 12.10 distribution. That was no major problem, I just installed them from the Ubuntu Software Centre. But KompoZer, one of my often used applications, had been removed from the Ubuntu Software Centre (although it does seem to be back now). Just in case it vanishes again and you need to install it, you can get the two required packages from the links below. One is for KompoZer itself, the other is described as ‘KompoZer data files’. You need to install the data files first.

Follow the links below and then download the .debs. Double-click the downloaded .debs to install them.

KompoZer Data Files

KompoZer Application

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