Unity Keyboard Shortcuts

What can I say. I’m old school. For me keyboard shortcuts are usually a lot faster than using the mouse. Many of these use the Super Key. This is the key that on most keyboards has the Windows logo on it.

Super Key Opens the dash.
Super Key (held down) Opens the Launcher and numbers the entries. Hit a number to launch that application.
Alt+F1 Opens the Launcher and allows you to use the Up/Down arrow keys to move the highlight from application to application. Hit Enter to open the highlighted application. Press the Right Arrow to show the Quicklist (if the highlighted application has one).
Alt+F2 Opens dash in search mode. Type the name of an application and it will provide suggestions as you type.
Super+A Opens up the application window from the Launcher.
Super+F Opens up the files and folders window from the Launcher.
Super+W Display all open windows. Click on one to have that application become the active window. Note that this shows all applications from all workspaces. If the window you click on is from a different workspace, that workspace becomes your working desktop.
Super+D Hides all windows. Repeating Super+D restores them.
Super+T Opens the bin.
Super+S Shows all workspaces. You can then drag windows from one workspace to another with the mouse. Click on the application or workspace you wish to work with.
Ctrl+Alt+T Opens a Terminal window.
Ctrl+Alt+L Locks the screen. Needs your password to get back in.
Ctrl+Alt+Left, Right, Up or Down Changes your working desktop to a different workspace.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+ Left, Right, Up or Down Moves the current window to a different workspace.
F10 – Opens the first menu on top panel. This will be the menu of the active window (the application which has focus) or the default Ubuntu desktop menu.

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